The key to Happiness is Health


Dr.Ralph Heinicke,a noted American biochemist,discovered a ground-breaking revelation about a certain alkaloid which he called Xeronine,which play a key role in encuoraging proper cell function and growth in human body.Xeronine,which exist in abundance in Tahiti Noni fruit,can speed up the activation of enzyme in our body.Subsequently,it can improve our energy level and improve our immune system.

Archeen Bio-Tech runs the business with honesty and diligence all the time. Private Innovation applies to the NONI enzyme made of fresh Organic Noni fruit from Tahiti free of extra unwanted additives via strictly renovated processes.

Currently, Archeen Bio-Tech has become the top Noni enzyme brand specialized in the enzymes industry as obtaining the impressive achievements and accomplishments on patents. Despite the outstanding outcomes, we keep striving for making the items under advanced processes meeting the technical benchmarks. We attempt to let the world acknowledge the Tahiti Noni enzyme as the best gifts granted by the Nature.

 Knowing that Health is the Key of Happiness, Archeen Bio-Tech dedicates all efforts and commitments to production of genuine foods fermented naturally, which supports your health and your life as well.





  1. 橘精靈環保多功能洗淨劑:好沖好洗,安全中性不傷手,更愛地球的環保產品
  2. 天力-天然精油防蚊液:可驅蚊蟲和清淨空氣的天然產品


  1. 歐盟有機「駱尼發酵原液」選用法屬大溪地頂級駱尼果實(諾麗果)經專利發酵技術,經長期六個月古法釀造而成的 酵素之王。是純天然全方位的保健養生聖品。
  2. 神奇木鱉果純果泥 高含量茄紅素:木鱉果果泥是番茄醬的8倍、番茄汁的15倍、生番茄的46倍,更富含人體所需要的類胡蘿蔔素
  3. 野生原種.鼠尾草籽(頂級 奇亞籽)是完整的食物(WholeFoods),沒有經過人工加工和研磨,完整的保留了種籽中的各種天然營養素和微量元素。
  4. 100%智利野生馬基莓粉(智利酒果) 富含花青素、多酚,超高ORAC指數,使肌膚青春美麗、容光煥發!
  5. 有機藍莓:嚴選的優質BLUECROP品種,富含花青素的藍莓果實大而香甜。
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